Peer Support


(Ages 18+)

Facilitamos grupo en Español, así.


(Ages 9-13)

Teen/Young Adult

(Ages 14-24)


(Ages 10-24)

Play Group

(Ages 4-12)

Parents/Caregivers discuss the unique challenges of raising a gender non-conforming or transgender child.  It is an opportunity to overcome feelings of isolation and to be heard, understood, and supported by other parents. Issues we explore include school, legal matters, privacy, siblings, and extended family. Co-facilitated on a volunteer basis by parents and professional therapists with training in gender issues.

Teen/Young Adults have plenty to talk about out of the earshot of their parents. This peer discussion is facilitated by transgender adults who facilitate the conversation, while sharing their personal experience with the topics that come up. The group meets together and then separates into groups for transmasculine, transfeminine, and non-binary youth. Facilitated by adult transgender mentors.


Pre-Teen/Bridge is for transgender and gender non-conforming youth--a safe space to begin the conversation and gently approach topics they will face more directly as they approach puberty. The discussion, which invites the youth to share what is on their minds and find support and resources, is facilitated by a transgender adult who keeps the conversation lively and invites them to engage at a deeper level… or maybe just play cards. 

Siblings are an important part of the family support equation. Brothers and sisters are learning how to support their trans and gender non-conforming siblings and navigate school, home, and community environments. Facilitated by a mental health professional trained in gender issues.

Play Group is supervised in a playground setting, with arts & crafts projects and snacks. Many younger gender non-conforming and transgender youth are at their best when at play. Interactive activities support gender diversity and acceptance--kids can explore and express their gender in a supportive environment among peers. As parents, we are grateful that our children will always know that there are other kids just like them. Siblings are welcome. The Parent Support group is for adults only and children under 5 in the play group must be supervised by their parents.

There is overlap built into the age ranges of these groups. Each family, in consultation with the group facilitators, decides when their youth move into the peer support groups. Some will be ready to participate sooner than others. 

Training & Education


As many of our children are in preschool, elementary, junior and high school, we are actively involved in supporting positive curriculum and parent education in these schools.  We work closely with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) as they implement a wide range of age-appropriate curricula. 

We also help to coordinate Gender Diversity parent education workshops offered on school campuses and at community organizations throughout Southern California and across the country. Upon request, we can help communities to organize similar parent support events and organizations.

Family Events


Outside of our usual monthly meetings, we encourage members to organize group meals, seasonal activities and trips to theme parks and other family fun destinations. This builds a strong community among our families and affirms our kids’ identities outside of a support group setting.